dnlp: a simple distributed prolog environment


dnlp is a simple system to distribute a Prolog predicate amongst participating nodes. The system is a prototype for prolog-mpi, and is largely obsolete. dnlp allows a single predicate to take advantage of MPI environments, like grids, clusters, or multiprocessors, although the operational parameters are very constrained (as befits a prototype). The original goal of dnlp was to distribute an existing natural language processing application without modifying the Prolog code. This goal was met. The system was show-cased at the BalticGrid Second All-Hands Meeting, in the presentation Prolog and MPI Integration for Linguistic Applications in a Grid Environment.

The system was developed at the University of Latvia's IMCS. Linguistic components by Guntis Barzdins, guntis at latnet dot lv, distribution components by Kristaps Dzonsons, kristaps dot dzonsons at latnet dot lv.

In brief, dnlp operates by taking an input sentence (as a non-quoted sequence of word-tokens), generating sub-sentence sequences, and distributing these to the participating nodes, who in turn route the data into waiting Prolog engines. Results are fed back into the main process.

The dnlp sources are licensed under the BSD license, although the Prolog scripts for natural language processing are private to the University of Latvia. The LICENSE and README files contain details.



The system has fulfilled its design goals and is in maintenance mode. If you have an application that may use dnlp and find bugs in the code or errors in documentation, please email Kristaps. Of especial interest are supporting files for executing dnlp on Grid middleware systems.



2-1-2007: version 0.1.2 released: the first public version. Any new updates will be bug-fixes or ancillary data.



The manual page has the most robust information on dnlp. Consult the distributed README for installation instructions.



We encourage using only the most current version (documentation links reflect current version). also browse the on-line CVS repository (only available on internal version of web-site).


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