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nlpc-dump - archive contents of nlpc cache


nlpc-dump [-dhv] [-f path] [-o path] [-p path]


The nlpc-dump utility archives the relevant (scanned/verified) content of an nlpc cache into a gzip’d tar file. It’s part of the nlpcrawl(1) series of tools. The arguments are as follow:

Enable debugging. Use multiple times for more verbosity.

Print a help message and exit.

-f path
The cache file path. See nlpcrawl(1) FILES.

-i path
Specify an alternate temporary index file. This is used to store the index during creation and may grow quite large. It is removed after use. The default name is nlpc-index.txt in the current working directory.

-o path
Output file. Defaults to nlpc-snapshot.tgz in the current working directory. If set to -, prints to standard output.

-p path
The database environment path. See nlpcrawl(1) FILES.

Print version information and exit.

See Also

nlpcrawl(1) , gzip(1) , tar(1)

Table of Contents