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nlpc-list - list contents of nlpc database


nlpc-list [-dhlqvw] [-p path] [hash ...]


The nlpc-list utility lists the entities in a nlpc database. It’s part of the nlpcrawl(1) series of tools. The arguments are as follow:

Enable debugging. Use multiple times for more verbosity.

Print a help message and exit.

Show in long format.

-p path
The database environment path. See nlpcrawl(1) FILES.

Don’t print matched records, only the summary. If this is specified once, a progress indicator will display the current scan state; if specified twice, no such output shall be displayed.

Print version information and exit.

Truncates output at 132 columns. If specified twice, line length is unbounded.

In addition, the following long arguments may be specified (these may be combined to narrow the return count):

--filter-state string
Specify a record state to match: new, fresh, dirty, temp, scan, new, proc, dead, or vrfy. Multiple states may be separated by a comma and/or space.

--filter-auth string
Specify an authority (scheme/host) to match against.

If no hashes are specified, the entire database is dumped. The line output is set to a minimum of 80 characters wide. If the controlling terminal may not be queried for width and -w is not specified, a default width of 132 characters shall be used.

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