pl-mpi-gdtime(1)           OpenBSD Reference Manual           pl-mpi-gdtime(1)

     pl-mpi-gdtime - pl-mpi run-time trace graph generator

     pl-mpi-gdtime [-q] [-g gnuplot] [-f output] [-c curve] [-t threshold]
                   file ...

     THe pl-mpi-gdtime utility processes files produced by pl-mpi(1) or
     pl-mpi-test(1) with the -t switch.  It produces graphs illustrating dis-
     tributing efficiency over the domain of processing time.

     The options are as follows:

     -q            Do not generate a graph on the X11 terminal.

     -c curve      Specify the curve interval divisor for average/median
                   charting.  Higher values have greater specificity.

     -t threshold  Specify the cut-off point for y-axis peaks (for absolute
                   measurements).  This is useful to control the outputted
                   graph's range when dealing with invalid data points (hap-
                   pens often with microsecond timing).

     -g gnuplot    Specify an alternate location of gnuplot(1), defaulting to

     -f output     Produce a copy of the graph to the file specified in

     The pl-mpi-gdtime utility accepts as arguments trace files generated by
     pl-mpi(1) and pl-mpi-test(1), which are in the format of dump-rank.txt,
     where ``rank'' is the MPI rank of the generating node.

     The pl-mpi-gdtime utility was developed at the University of Latvia's IM-
     CS by Kristaps Dzonsons <>.

     pl-mpi(1), pl-mpi-test(1), pl-mpi-dtime(1).

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